How To: Get Rid Of Crabs Or Pubic Lice

Get Rid Of Crabs Or Pubic Lice

 How to Get Rid of Crabs

Knowing how to get rid of crabs is very simple. The crabs talked about here are not the ones you find in the sea, but they are the crabs people get from sex. The technical name for these troublesome creatures is pubic lice. Below, you will see how to get rid of them.

Things you will need:

  • Rid lice killing shampoo
  • Hand towel

Step 1  Buy Rid-X from a local drug store

It only cost about 8 or $9 at a drug store. This is a very affordable way to get rid of these tiny pests. Once you bring the box home, open it and get started with the steps. 

Step 2  Trim your pubic hair

Trim it, but don't shave it completely bald. This will only cause further irritation. After you do this, apply lice shampoo on to dry hair. Do not wet the shampoo, because it will dilute the solution. Make sure also to apply treatment thoroughly from root to tip, so all pubic lice comes in contact with solution. Leave treatment on for 10 minutes. After this, use warm water to rinse away shampoo from pubic area.

Step 3  Use fine tooth comb to remove lice eggs

After you have dried your pubic area with a hand towel, use the fine tooth comb that came in the box with the lice killing treatment. This comb is used to straighten tangles and remove lice eggs. 


  • Do not leave treatment on for more than 10 minutes


  • Make sure you do a second treatment within 7 to 10 days to kill any newly hatched eggs.

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