How To: Perform a pap smear for gynecological health

Perform a pap smear for gynecological health

This video shows how a pap smear is performed.

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I had to look this video up to help my wife make an oral explantion in her Nurse Class! Good enough. Thank you.

now i know.. so when the time comes that i really need to undergo this kind of exam, i'm already aware. thank u very much!

very ilustrative video thank you

It is a very instructional video.I recommend it to anyone who will be performing or having a pap smear for the first time.


im showin my cousin what a pap smear is...thanks

this video has made me scared to get it head hurts after watching like the horrible 3 secs of your life......Im going to cry.....

wait till you have a baby

agreed with the person above kill me now

Good Video

i couldnt play this video...I need it to presentate me

I haven't had one yet. But I was wondering, does it hurt?

what the #$%@!!!!!razor anybody

oh oh ok ok censorship.....ok..ok

Yo!!!!iluhjesse don't get it girl aint worrfff it. my little shawty got one..#$%@ aint good. got her insides all played out!!

censor me once shame on you....censor me twice...ok....ok

the video doesn't load for some reason. =O

I'm getting a pap smear next week, thank you for enlightening me on what will be done!

I don't know how a women can stand this. They have alot of courage.

Women really have no choice, You're supposed to get one after youve started being sexually active. Or once youve hit age 20, It really isn't that bad. They're just screening for different kinds of cancers.

interesting video found here..Really very amazing..
Thanks for sharing..
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Women DO have a choice. You can do the PAP yourself and have a provider YOU TRUST do the physical. I have found out it is SO MUCH less uncomfortable if you do it yourself.

Yeah i'm a doctor my self it hurts a hell of a bunch from what i've heard

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