How To: Perform a pelvic exam

Perform a pelvic exam

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How do you check if your preg?


very interesting, helpfull for students and professional, workers in nursing, medicine and healthcare

i like to see a pelic exim

how i can enlarge my penis size and how erection can be increased

i think that hurts specially for a prgnant woman

I'm really small, will this hurt?

this is hot, i masturbated too it

i hope it helps me

my girlfriend will undergo the same procedure tomorrow. i love her so I support her to ensure her health especially for my favorite part of her body...

help full for me.

i couldnt pull it up :( i really needed this vid is there another its important

Signed up to learn a procedure but video won't load. Very frustrating and time consuming. Wish I hadn't added my personal info to a site I would never use. Think twice about using this site.

This is an .mpg video, so you probably need to have QuickTime, Windows Media Player, or another plugin installed in your browser to view it. If you're having a hard time watching the video embedded above, you can also try viewing it directly here.

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